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    Symbolism of Superhero Costumes
    Symbolism of Superhero Costumes

    What makes superheroes so special? Is it their outstanding character and shining personalities? Is it the heartrending and inspiring backstories? Or their superpowers? All of these are all good and well, but the first thing you notice with any superhero is their outfit, right?

    The right outfit can elevate even the most untalented superhero to legendary status, and a bad one (read; Superman’s 90-s mullet) will make it easy to forget an otherwise admirable and well-developed superhero characte...

    How to Dress Like Wonder Woman
    How to Dress Like Wonder Woman

    Also known as Wonder Woman, Diana Prince is one of the well-known superhero characters in the DC Comics universe. Those who’ve been following this franchise for a while will know that this character was initially played by Lynda Carter back when Wonder Woman graced the silver screen.

    As a leading member of the legendary Justice League, Wonder Woman possesses some fantastic skills such as superhuman combat abilities and supernatural powers. Of course, this is supported by a variety of useful ...

    5 Tips for Shopping for Superhero Costumes
    5 Tips for Shopping for Superhero Costumes

    They say the adult with a creative imagination is the kid who survived. If this sounds like you then you probably still like to imagine what life would be like if you had your favorite superhero’s superpowers.

    Whether that’s the ability to run super-fast, go invisible on a whim or have super-human strength, there’s something alluring about this kind of daydreaming. One of the best ways to realize your dreams is to don your favorite superhero’s outfit and paint the town red. (Or stay home and...