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    How to Dress Like Wonder Woman

    How to Dress Like Wonder Woman

    Also known as Wonder Woman, Diana Prince is one of the well-known superhero characters in the DC Comics universe. Those who’ve been following this franchise for a while will know that this character was initially played by Lynda Carter back when Wonder Woman graced the silver screen.

    As a leading member of the legendary Justice League, Wonder Woman possesses some fantastic skills such as superhuman combat abilities and supernatural powers. Of course, this is supported by a variety of useful tools and weapons from the famous Golden Lasso of Truth to a tiara filled with different projectiles, and indestructible bracelets.

    But, the star of the show is her famous outfit which consists of her red leather corset, Wonder Woman cuffs, gold mirror belt, Wonder Woman blue and white stars shorts made from spandex, and the Wonder Woman logo in a gold foil sticker.

    Finish off the look with a gold Wonder Woman tiara, an original Wonder Woman wig, a pair of Wonder Woman boots and her red shell earrings made from beaded studs. Don’t forget the small twist cord that goes with her very important Lasso of Truth!

    Wonder Woman Cosplay Costumes

    The great thing about Wonder Woman is that her uniform has remained pretty much consistent over the years. So, it’s pretty easy to dress up as her and we’ve got just the combination of items you need to dress up exactly like her for your next cosplay performance or Halloween costume!

    Of course, the best place to buy authentic Wonder Woman gear is at My Oz Essentials especially if you want the high-quality stuff and it’s even better if you already have the headgear, earrings, and lasso already. All you have to do is get an outfit upgrade and you’re good to go!

    But, it doesn’t matter how cute you look in your Wonder Woman costume and accessories, you still need your squad to really feel complete. Get some of your friends to join the part and dress up as The Flash, Green Lantern, Superman and Batman.

    Don’t forget to share your Wonder Woman look and take lots of snaps with your Justice League buddies!

    Casual Cape Crusader

    The year 2010 marked an important milestone in Wonder Woman’s history as this is the year where she debuted her first official pants outfit.

    While the design didn’t make a comeback after the initial release, it’s still a viable option for anyone that wants to channel their inner Wonder Woman without wearing a skirt.

    You could always swap that with a Wonder Woman shirt paired with a beanie (it’s cold during Halloween) and cape, with a pair of generic pants from your closet. Easy peasy!

    Spirit of Truth

    Wonder Woman is known for many things, one of which is her “Spirit of Truth” moniker. With her Lasso of Truth in hand, she can wield her magic golden rope to make anything manifest from thin air.

    Did you know? The Spirit of Truth is the name of a DC Comics graphic novel published back in the day. Finish the look with the Dagger of truth and Lasso of Truth to truly embody the Spirit of Truth.

    The best part is that you can always wear the necklace and dress at any time of the year as well.

    Sporty Superhero

    What better workout gear is there than an actual superhero outfit? Wonder Woman is the ultimate fitness inspiration, what with her epic supernatural abilities and shrewd intelligence.

    Don your favorite Wonder Woman leggings and bang out a 2-hour set like a real superhero!

    Diana Prince

    Diana Prince is to Wonder Woman who Clark Kent is to Superman. It’s the moniker she adopts when she’s not out wielding her Lasso of Truth and saving the world. Diana Prince is a very demure character who has the same fashion sense as a librarian.

    But, even in this form, Wonder Woman always keeps her Lasso of Truth with her just in case something pops off that needs immediate handling.

    Be sure to select the right pieces to create a complete Dina Prince costume that’ll make you look like the real thing!

    DIY Wonder Woman

    Hey, why buy a ready-made Wonder Woman outfit when you can make it on your own? This is a great option for anyone that enjoys creating crafts and DIY projects and since we all have enough extra time now, it could be one of the best projects to tackle.

    All you need is the right fabric, a sports bra, and some leggings to make your very own Wonder Woman costume. Don’t forget to add a couple of wristbands and a headband in there too!